Relocate to Kouvola and learn the secrets of success

Are you looking for a new home for your company? No need to look any further.  It’s in Kouvola! 

Kouvola’s reputation as a logistical crossroads is a well-known fact. From Kouvola, it takes a little over an hour to get to Helsinki by train and only two hours to the Russian metropolis of St. Petersburg. Plus, Port of HaminaKotka and Helsinki airport are just around the corner!

1 h  to Port of HaminaKotka
1 h 10 min to Lappeenranta Airport
1 h 30 min to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
1 h 30 min to Finland's biggest harbors
2 h 20 min to St. Petersburg by train (Allegro)
500,000 people can be reached within 60 minutes from Kouvola


Kouvola is one of the biggest cities in Finland and its industrial tradition is as strong as Iron Man. Just to mention a few, renewable energy and environmental technology are already forging their own success stories. The new Iron Silk Road opened between Finland and China brings new opportunities to Kouvola, Finland and to other Nordics countries.

Kouvola is a great home for big and small companies – and therefore the perfect nest for your business as well.



The main priorities

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Availability of workforce

Kouvola is the place to be for your company for many reasons. For one thing, people in the Kouvola region possess a wide range of expertise and the availability of an existing educated workforce and construction-ready plots is especially beneficial.  

In Kouvola, there are several educational institutions and a highly educated and multilingual workforce. There is also tailor-made training for companies. 

Plots and premises

We help you find the right plots or premises for your company’s needs. You can find the City of Kouvola’s industrial and other corporate plots and premises here:​

We are here

for businesses

Are you ready to blast the business rocket?

Kouvola is a place for growth. Our city is looking for all things new and exciting. We want to develop ourselves into something spectacular. We actively seek new service delivery and business possibilities that compliment local activities. That’s why we want your company here!

Kouvola Innovation's relocating services offer your company insights into Kouvola’s relocating areas and various industries. With our help, you will get surveys of plots and premises quickly and easily. We will also introduce you to different funding options and help you look for educated team players and business partners.


We act as a one-stop-base for all of your business launching needs! We are here for businesses!

Welcome to Kouvola!